Seminar in Stroke Update 2023 (credited with 2 CPD hours)

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Stroke accounts for about 10% of all deaths in industrialized countries and is a leading cause of disability in the community. There are currently almost 70,000 stroke survivors living in a country with a population of 3 million people, and an estimated 7,400 people experience a stroke each year in such a country.

Stroke can change lives in an instant, but with the proper specialist support, people can make a good recovery and go on to rebuild their life. With the number of stroke survivors expected to increase by 50% during the next 20 years, it is vital that a stroke is effectively prevented where possible, that high-risk conditions are detected as early as possible and optimally managed with people adequately supported and able to co-produce and where appropriate self-manage their care.

Our aim remains to provide doctors and allied health professionals with up-to-date knowledge and information regarding stroke as a disease and its management, including differential diagnosis and recent developments in treatment. The seminar will address the recent British and European stroke treatment protocols and guidelines.

During this seminar, you will:

  • Understand what diagnosing stroke means and what it is the differential diagnosis of coma
  • Learn from case studies of stroke patients the best way to implement the stroke care pathway
  • Learn what to do in the first few days after a stroke 
  • Learn the details of acute management of Ischaemic stroke with an update about the most recent therapeutic guidelines

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